Above: Panoramic view of the city of Oita, Japan.

In 1990, Austin and Oita became sister cities to extend goodwill and friendship between two nations. For more than 25 years, the Austin-Oita Sister City Committee continues to champion and strengthen that relationship.


Our Mission

The Austin-Oita Sister City Committee seeks to promote and heighten public interest in and appreciation of the culture, people, languages, business, and products of the city of Austin, Texas and Oita, Japan. As communities expand and thrive, the Committee has also expanded its reach to include the Central Texas region and Oita Prefecture in its mission. 


  • Austin musicians performing at the Yumeiro Music Festival
  • University exchange programs between St. Edward's University and Asia Pacific University
  • Austin marathoners competing in the Oita-Beppu Mainichi Marathon
  • Renowned Oita artist residency at the Dougherty Arts Center providing workshops to Austin residents
  • Oita Japan Festival at the Asian American Resource Center
  • Austin athletes participating in the world's largest wheelchair marathon in Oita (received Sister Cities International National Organization on Disabilities Award)